Looking for more fanfiction about Rupert Giles? Here are some great places to start. Or try another list of archives.

Important archives

Of Demons & Destiny
Large collection of Giles stories. Associated with the Of Demons & Destiny mailing list.

Large collection of stories about Giles and/or Wesley. Archive site of the Watcher Girls mailing list.

Author-submitted archive of stories about any character played by Anthony Stewart Head.

GilesZone archive
Hand-selected stories; part of the excellent Giles Zone writer's resource site.

Giles Rules Baby mailing list
Giles fiction mailing list.

Tweedy Book Guy
Associated with the Tweedy Book Guy mailing list. Archives stories by meegat as well as Tweedy Award winning stories. Useful screenshot archive for many ASH roles.

Bodice Ripper
Author-submitted archive of Giles stories. Also has a hand-maintained archive.

Buffy Fiction Archive. Automatic archive with many, many Buffyverse stories. The search interface allows you to find Giles stories easily.

Massive multi-fandom fiction archive. The search interface allows you to find Giles stories.

Fanfiction.net Giles stories
The largest and oldest pan-fandom fanfic archive site. Quality varies widely.


The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive
The largest & oldest B/G archive. Used to be buffygiles.com and briefly had a partial resurrection (some stories available only on velocitygrass). buffygiles.net is the full archive & is accepting new stories.

No One Knows - Giles/Xander
Hand-selected Giles/Xander stories.

Hairy Eyeball - Giles/Willow
The Watcher and the Witch.

Smaller archives

And some smaller archives, including some author-specific sites:

the LIST - Giles/Buffy
B/G stories by selected authors. Terrifying formatting.

Oakpark Street
A mostly B/G hand-selected archive. Its contents can be found elsewhere, but this site is particularly pleasant to read & browse.

Once More With Feeling
Gail Christison's Giles stories; mostly B/G.

Wench's Tavern
Almost entirely Giles, and most of that B/G: the fiction of the tireless gileswench!

Giles Fic Recs
Not an archive site, but a tagged series of story recommendations. A decent place to begin exploring the range of Giles fiction.

Tea With Lemon
A fansite for Giles' car.