My Bedroom Technique is Unstoppable

Some of the things Xander likes best about his girlfriend Buffy.


Is there anything better than having your face smushed up into a chick’s pussy? Okay, smushed up doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s sexy when I’m doing it. Especially when it’s Buffy. Buffy’s sexy parts are awesome. I love licking her out, making her shake and whimper. That doesn’t sound sexy either, now that I think about it, but it is when I’m doing it. She tastes good. Like what sex tastes like. And I get to show off a little, demonstrate my total mastery of oral sex. Some guys like to do the alphabet, but I like to spell out little secret messages. X-a-n-d-e-r l-o-v-e-s B-u-f-f-y. Or d-o-n-u-t-s. She can’t tell the difference when she’s starting to moan like that. Time to get the fingers in on the action.

Buffy’s got a hand on my head, petting me. I can tell when she really likes something because she digs in just a little bit. Not hurting me, just an involuntary spasm. And when I brush at her asshole, kinda testing to see if she likes it, she grabs my hair and makes a good sound. I do it again. Yeah. She likes it. My oral technique is unstoppable!

I decide to crank it up and put it way over the top. My little finger presses at her ass and she moans and lets me in. I’m working her in both places now, doing her in the pussy and in the ass, licking her clit, and she goes over the moon at that. Shuddering and gasping and saying my name.

The trick is to back off a little bit right after she comes, let her cool down for a few seconds. Then I can dab my tongue on her again, gently, and set off some aftershocks.

I wipe my face off with my shirt, because using the pillowcase is a guaranteed path to getting the stink-eye. Important bedroom etiquette, take note. Face, hands, shirt on the floor again. Then I crawl up and snuggle up to her. Kiss her, mmm. Kissing Buffy is my new favorite thing. Maybe even better than licking her, because I get to look into her eyes. They’re this sort of murky green hazel-y color. Yeah, I’m not good with the words. I like keeping my eyes open while I kiss her, let’s leave it at that. She’s all soft and slow after she’s come, like right now. Mellowed out. She’s tiny, kinda, and my tongue feels like it’s really big and sloppy when I kiss her. But she’s strong, one hundred percent Slayer, and I can feel that too when she holds me. I’m in bed with a woman who can bench-press me.

That’s just cool.

Buffy gives me a friendly push and I roll onto my back and make room for her between my knees. Buffy is all about the mutual. That’s another thing I like about her. She goes down on me just as happily as I go down on her. She says she likes hearing the funny noises I make when I’m being given a happy, and that’s just ridiculous because I only make sexy noises.

Shut up.

Anyway, she starts with nuzzling and some general hand-action, kinda working me up first. Not that I need much, because going down on her has turned me on big-time already. I stick a pillow behind my head so I can watch the fun. Watching Buffy suck me is another one of my favorite things.

She licks me bottom to top and then says, “Kinda surprised me there, Xan. With the whoopsie-daisy.”

Buffy. Can you understand her? I can. Most of the time, anyway. I understand that, at least. Can’t answer her right away, though, because she’s saying hello to the underside of my balls with her tongue and woah, that’s good.

“Did you like it?” I say, when I can talk again, because I’m sort of nervous about it now.

She stops licking me, oops. “Yeah, I liked it. A real eye-opener.”


“Nobody’s ever touched me there before,” Buffy says, and I give her the eyebrow waggle of surprise.

“You’re missing out. Lots of fun back there. Trust me.”

“You’ve done it before?”

“A couple of times,” I say, and leave it at that. Then I get all daring. “You want to?”

I like everything there is about girls, I mean, women, please don’t kick me. The other sex. Gender. Whatever the right word is. The ones with breasts. And I dig everything about Buffy especially. The way she squeezes me when I’m inside her. The way she saves the world every week and then pouts about how that demon ruined her new shoes. The way she plays with her hair when she’s thinking about the kinky thing I just proposed we do.

The way she smiles at me right now, happy and inviting, and says, “Yeah. Let’s try it.”

And wow, I can’t help it, my dick jumps at the idea and Buffy laughs at me before she gives it a last kiss, right under the head, yeah baby.

The backdoor kind of sex is all technical, not like the oral stuff where you can just dive in and enjoy. This kind takes preparation. I get out a condom and the lube, which I keep around mostly for jerking off-- don’t tell anyone, okay, because it’s sort of embarrassing that even the Slayer can’t keep my horniness down-- and get myself all wrapped up. The condom is blue, and Buffy giggles at it. I do a little pose for her, showing off my big blue dick. Oh, shut up. I’ve got a nice dick. Does its thing. Never let me down yet.

Buffy gets up on hands and knees. I position a pillow in front of her, so she can faceplant in it if she wants. Though Buffy has scary stamina and can hold any position for way longer than I can hold my half of it. Then I have to remember which hand I used to touch her with before, and glop out the lube into that hand so I can use the other one to bring her off. As I said, technical. Takes forethought. Another chance to show off my mad skills in bed.

I skootch around and snuggle up behind her. She’s already got her knees nice and wide, her ass already in the air ready for our mutual fun. She’s got a cute ass, with a great pussy right below it. Buffy waxes, so it’s all pink and bare. Totally naked, as in I can see everything. Almost freaked me out the first time I saw it, except that it was unbearably sexy. Mind-blowing.

I touch her asshole and she jumps and then settles down. I rub around it and get it all slippery before I try going inside her again. When I do, I use my thumb. Want her to get used to something bigger. Some people like it fast. They like the burn. But I go slow with Buffy, this first time. She’s the Slayer and you have to not surprise her or she’ll accidentally squish you. So I take my time. Lots of slippery stuff, lots of time letting her get used to my thumb moving inside her ass.

Buffy’s starting to get into it, I think. She’s relaxed now and starting to push back on my thumb. She’s ready for more. I shift around and grab my dick and get it aimed right.

“Stop me if I hurt you,” I say.

“Xan, I’m the Slayer.”

“Point taken. But still. We can stop any time. If it’s not fun.”

I kinda nudge at her with the head, tease her a little bit. Buffy’s all relaxed and ready, though. She pushes back when I nudge and just like that I’m inside her ass. She moans like I’ve never heard her moan before. It’s surprise mixed in with the pleasure, like she had no clue it was going to feel that good. And I know it feels good, and no, I’m not worried about my masculinity when I say that. I like sex that feels good, and this sex feels good for me and Buffy both.

Pushing in and sliding out, in and out, a little deeper every time, until I’m all the way in. Buffy moans with every stroke. I reach around and find her clit and play with her a little bit. Hard, though, to concentrate when I’m doing something that feels this amazing.

All three places have their points. In the pussy for snuggling face to face and to try for the fabled G-spot. In the mouth for sweet sucking and the fun of being licked. In the back for tight, tight friction. Her’s pussy’s tight, too, but asses are tight in their own way. All the way down, so I can feel it from the base to the head. Like a glove.

“Harder,” she says. “It’s okay, Xan. Go for it.”

So I grab her hips and go for it, pump her hard and fast. She’s touching herself now, which is good because there’s no way I can think to do it. All I can think is friction good Buffy love fuck yeah come soon come inside Buffy. Incoherent, you get me? She’s incoherent herself, but I get the general gist of it: Buffy feels good too. Buffy likes it. Buffy likes me. Buffy’s gonna come.

Then she comes and holy sweet mother, she squeezes me when she does, and it all just comes rushing out of me. The top of my head feels like it’s going to blow off. It’s a great orgasm, one of the best ever, Richter eight point oh, aftershocks for what feels like hours. I pull out and flop on my back like the stunned monkey I am. It’s all I can do to breathe after that.

Buffy nuzzles my ear. “Wow,” she says.

“Say that again.”

“You were amazing,” she says and she kisses my ear. I shiver. Love being kissed there. “We can do that again any time you like.”

I’ve got no words at all for the amazingness that is my girlfriend Buffy. I sort of sputter at her, then settle for kissing her with all I’ve got. Then I gotta get up and deal with the mess, which I won’t dwell on because hot water and soap is not my idea of sexy. Then I’m back in bed with her, and we put the pillows back where they belong and spread the blanket out nice and flat over us.

And hey, I’ve changed my mind. The absolute best thing ever is cuddling afterward. Buffy falling asleep all snuggled up to me with her head on my shoulder. That’s what I love most.

My Bedroom Technique is Unstoppable

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