But Xander doesn't drink!


The door of his flat banged open and Xander staggered over his threshold before Giles had quite reached his feet. He held onto the barb that had leapt to his tongue until after he decided that Xander was not injured or in distress. He was, however, unsteady on his feet. He careened into Giles. Giles caught him by the arm and held him up.

“You’re drunk.”

“No I’m not. Well, yes I am, but only a little. It was one shot of Everclear. And Giles, they should sure call that stuff ‘Everclean’ because that one shot cleaned out my sinuses from now until forever.”

Giles blinked. Everclear? “Xander, you don’t drink.”

“I don’t. Except this once. I wanted whatsit. Bravery. Double courage. Whatever they call it.”

“The expression is Dutch-- Whatever for?”


Xander grabbed a fistful of his jumper and pulled him closer, none too gently. Giles’s first instinct was to resist, but then Xander’s mouth was on his. Giles tasted alcohol. Alcohol and orange juice and oh God, Xander, that was Xander, twisting his hand in his shirt almost painfully. Hot and sweaty and beautiful brown eyes that he did not ever want to stop looking into. Giles disengaged himself with no small effort and tried to hold Xander at arm’s length. It was difficult. He had surprising strength in that grip.

“That’s quite enough of that.” His voice had not just squeaked.

“You kissed me back.” The expression on Xander’s face was pure delight.

“Yes, lovely, I admit it. You’ve won your bet or whatever it was you were after.”

“Haven’t got what I’m after yet, but I’m gonna get it. You kissed me back.”

“I did n–”

Xander had a double handful of his shirt this time. And his tongue was in Giles’s mouth which was, he supposed, his own damn fault. And his hips were flush against Giles’s.

It took considerably longer to disengage himself this time and the expression on Xander’s face when he did was triumphant.

“What’s the matter, Giles? You need a shot too?”

Giles used both hands on Xander’s shirt to haul him closer. He didn’t need Dutch courage to kiss anybody, and damned if he’d let that insult stand.


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