Giles has a surprise for Xander.


Xander knelt at Giles’s side while he read. He was wearing nothing but low-slouching jeans and his steel chain necklace, the one held on by the little padlock. Only Giles had the key. Xander liked the necklace. Wearing it made him happy. Kneeling and waiting for Giles was pretty good too. Giles hadn’t let him come all weekend, so he was half-hard and ready to be all the way hard at the least signal from Giles. Overall that made him happy too, in the long run, because when he did finally come it would be amazing. He never had the patience to hold off when left on his own, though.

Giles had more than enough patience for both of them.

Xander cautiously leaned his head against Giles’s thigh. Giles freed one hand from his book to stroke Xander’s hair, so Xander sighed and settled in. Nice warm wool trousers. Felt good on his face. He might be kneeling here for a while today, while Giles read this thing. Latin, prophecies, blah blah, just making sure it was nothing important. Nothing Xander could help with this time, so he let his mind drift.

His ass was still sore from last night’s fucking, which had been great aside from the not being allowed to come part. Giles wasn’t into it all that much, so when Xander could get it he liked it long and hard enough that he could still feel it the next day. Giles liked obliging him, at least sometimes, and he’d come through with the rough ride last night. Giles had played with his nipples pretty hard as well, which he did a lot. Giles had a bit of a nipple fetish going. Xander had nearly come when Giles had bitten them, had nearly gotten himself in trouble. That had been a close one.

Xander hated disappointing Giles. Giles had to spank him when that happened, and while that was fun now and then, post screw-up spankings were about the pain and the remorse. Correction, not pleasure, as Giles described it, and who wanted that? Giving Giles a make-up blow job afterwards was always good, though. Xander zoned out and let himself daydream about that for a while.

Sometime later, Giles closed the book, and Xander started. He’d fallen asleep. Giles stood up and Xander straightened himself into a more formal kneeling posture, just in case Giles wanted something.

“Stand up, please,” Giles said, in the voice that meant they were definitely in master and servant mode. A soft voice, a courteous voice, a voice that made Xander’s skin prickle.

Xander stood and put his hands behind his back. Giles groped him for a few pleasant seconds, but then let go. Xander moaned in dismay. Maybe Giles would let him come some day soon. But not right now, because Giles was handing him his t-shirt. Time to get dressed. Xander put it on. Sneakers next. Then Giles held out Xander’s leather jacket, the biker kind, Giles’s present to him at his last birthday. The jacket meant they were going out.

Xander shrugged on the jacket but left it unzipped, and out the door they went.

Going out wasn’t a big thing with them, but they did it sometimes. Giles would take him out to dinner at normal restaurants, where Xander’s submission was a thrilling secret, or to the bar in the warehouse district of Sunnydale, where there were only men. Xander could kneel beside him right out in the open there, and sometimes Giles was in the mood for that. It was too early in the day for the club, though, still the middle of the afternoon, so Xander had no clue where they were going.

They were going to the shopping district along the 101 frontage road, apparently. Giles pulled his car into a little parking lot in front of a tattoo studio, the new one, not the crusty old one where the bikers went. They did piercings, too. Xander scratched his head. This was a new one. Giles had never mentioned tats to Xander before.

Inside, Giles went up to the counter where a girl with purple hair and a lot of eyebrow piercings was. “We have an appointment with Scott,” he said to her.

Xander almost bounced in place. No way Giles would be getting something for himself, so that meant Xander was getting a surprise present. Tattoo? Piercing? Something else? Xander watched Giles, to see if he would give it away, but Giles just quirked a little smile at him.

Then a guy showed up with even more metal in his face than the chick had. Scott, Xander supposed. He was happy to meet Mr Giles, and he had everything ready in the back for them. The guy headed back, Giles followed him, and Xander followed Giles back to a room with a place for Xander to sit and a tray with a bunch of stuff on it. Pointy sharp things, no sign of a tattooing machine, so that meant a piercing. Okay, great, where?

Giles took off Xander’s leather jacket, courteously, as he did everything when he was in charge. Xander shrugged off the tank top on a signal from him and handed it over. Giles didn’t signal him to take off the jeans, so Xander clasped his hands behind his back. Giles nodded at him in approval.

The piercing shop guy waited for Xander to settle, then bent to take a close look at Xander’s chest. Nipples, then, not his cock, which he guessed was completely something he should have predicted, knowing what Giles liked best. Xander caught Giles’s gaze over the head of the piercer, and smiled at him.

“I usually recommend fourteen gauge, but he can go up to twelve if you want. Heavier’s better. Less likely to migrate.”

“We can stretch later, yes?”

“Once they’ve healed.”

“Twelve, then,” said Giles. “To start with.”

It was a whole complicated deal, then, with antiseptics and gloves and markers and the guy making sure he had them all lined up right so the rings would be even. Xander sighed and sat sit for all of it, endured the guy clamping up his nipples, waiting for the moment when the dude would actually poke holes in him.

“Okay. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”

Giles had his wrists held tight. “Make noise if you need to,” he whispered.

Xander tried to figure out if that meant Giles wanted him to or not but couldn’t decide. He breathed in deep. The piercer did something, and the needle went half-way in, and Xander sucked in a breath hard and bit his lip trying to not to whimper. It hurt like a sonofabitch. The guy pushed again. The needle felt like it was ripping its way through Xander’s nipple. He groaned and he didn’t care whether Giles wanted him to or not any more, because holy shit, it hurt. Giles gripped his wrists even tighter and held him still. And it wasn’t over, because then the ring went through, and the guy had to fiddle with it to close it tight.

Xander’s forehead was sweaty by the time he was done.

The guy got out another needle, another ring, and Xander realized that he was only halfway through. He let his head fall back against Giles’s chest.

“Oh, God.”

“Second one usually hurts more than the first,” the piercer guy said, and then he laughed.

Xander wanted to slug him. He tensed up, but Giles still had his wrists gripped tight.

“Be brave for me,” Giles said, in that soft voice, meant only for Xander.

Xander would do anything Giles asked him to do. He clenched his jaw and closed his eyes and nodded. One breath, two, three, and oh God, the needle crunched into his right nipple, hurting even more than the other one had. But Giles wanted it, Giles would love it, Giles would play with them every night all night. Run a little chain between them to show off Xander’s pecs. God, yes.

Then it was over and Xander opened his eyes and sucked oxygen into his lungs again. He looked down at his chest. A little blood, which the guy was swabbing off, and his nipples were swollen up already. But the rings were so cool-looking. Shiny, like his necklace chain. He’d look great with his shirt off once they’d healed.

Xander turned to Giles to see what he thought. He’d lost his hard-on during the whole deal with the needles, but the sight of Giles’s face made it spring right back again. Giles was breathing hard and his eyes were dark. He was looking at Xander’s chest and nowhere else, at the little steel rings in Xander’s nipples. He looked fucking amazingly happy and turned on. Finally he looked up at Xander’s face. Xander bent his head, but held Giles’s gaze.

“Thank you, sir. Best present ever.” Best present ever for both of them, which was typical Giles deviousness.

Giles reached out and touched Xander’s lips. “You’ll thank me properly later,” he said.

Xander grinned.


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