First Time

Willow has misbehaved. Xander proposes a fix, and to his surprise, Willow consents.


Xander paces around Willow’s bedroom, fishtank to door to window and back around. He’s angry, maybe a little, but mostly his feelings are hurt. The worst, though, is that Willow can’t let it go. She keeps poking at it, reminding him.

“Xander, I’m sorry. I’d make it up to you, but I don’t know how.”

Willow’s lip is trembling and he can see she’s on the verge of tears. He’s got to do something.

“Let me punish you,” he said.

“Wh-- what?”

“My little Willow needs a spanking.”

He stops, right in front of her and says it again. A spanking. He’s half-kidding, but Willow’s pupils flare out huge and dark, and wow, the idea excites her. Knowing that makes him excited too and Xander breathes hard. He takes his courage in both hands and goes for it.

“Over my knee,” he says. “Hard.”

“I guess I deserve it,” Willow says, looking him in the face, breathing as fast as he is.

“You do.”

Xander sits down on Willow’s bed. He’s more excited than he’s ever been in his life but he’s so nervous he’s almost not thinking about the possibility of sex. He has to spank Willow now. Spank her until she cries. Can he even do it?

She starts to climb onto the bed next to him. Xander stops her. All he’s got to go on here is a letter to Penthouse, about a delivery guy who’d never thought it would happen to him, and he isn’t going to admit that. But he’s pretty sure that the woman has to be naked.

“You need to take your clothes off,” he says. “I’m going to spank your bare ass.”

Willow doesn’t protest at all. She just starts unbuttoning her shirt. Her hands are shaking, Xander sees. He holds up his own hands. Yep. His too.

Willow’s bra is green and lacy. He can see her nipples stiff underneath it. She turns away from him and lets the straps fall down her arms. Xander has eyes only for her ass, for her thong, for the way it disappears between her bare cheeks. It matches her bra, he thinks. He watches her hook her thumbs into the sides and push it down her legs, step out of it. Then she comes and stands right in front of him. She’s hiding her tits behind crossed arms, but she slowly unwraps them and comes to rest in front of him bare. Letting him look at everything.

They’ve kissed, they’ve cuddled, they’ve dared a few lingering touches in secret places, but they’ve never seen each other. He’s been carrying a condom in his wallet for weeks now, thinking they might soon, but they haven’t. Until now. Willow is completely naked for him, for Xander, his first naked girl. Her eyes are downcast. For once she’s not looking at him nervously, wondering if he likes what he sees, because of course he does. Xander loves what he sees. Small breasts, the nipples bigger than he’d thought. Xander’s eyes drift down, to her navel, down her belly, to the patch of copper hair below it.

He wonders if he should tell her she’s gorgeous, then decides not to.

“Over my knee now,” he says, trying to make his voice sound growly and firm.

She kneels next to him on the bed and bends herself over his lap. Her ass is up high and those lovely tits rest against his thigh. He caresses her face with his left hand, rubs his thumb over her lips. She kisses his hand.

“Spread your legs,” he says. He doesn’t know why he whispers it.

She obeys him and parts her thighs wide and arches her back without being asked. She’s amazing. His hard-on is poking against her side. Feels good, but he ignores it. He has to spank Willow now. He’s not even sure he can do it. He lets his hand cup her butt. She’s so slim. His hand covers one cheek. It’s dark and tan against her skin. The sun has never seen Willow’s ass. Nobody has, until him. Xander is Willow’s first.

That gives him the courage and he pulls back his hand and brings it down as hard as he dares. The sound is loud, an explosion in her hushed bedroom. Willow gasps. Xander catches himself from asking if she’s okay. He lifts his hand and spanks her again, harder this time. And again. Willow moans and says his name.

His handprints are on her pale skin, bright red and darkening. Xander watches them appear. He tries bringing his hand down even harder-- it hurts and his palm is starting to glow with pain. But not as much as Willow’s ass is. She’s sniffling against his left hand, but she’s also making these little sounds, whimpers, a little gasp and a moan with every spank.

Xander takes a break. He lets his sore hand rest on her hot skin and explore. Dares to stroke fingers down her ass to her pussy.

She’s wet.

He’s almost more scared than excited about that. This is it, here it is. He’s finally touching a girl. Touching Willow. She’s hot and wet and as turned on as he is.

Xander lets himself look at her body. At her asshole, darker than he’d thought it would be. Past that, dark coppery hair, damp and musky, around her pussy. Xander touches it, strokes across it tentatively. This is what a pussy is. A cunt. Willow’s pussy. He strokes her again and she sucks in a breath.

“Please,” she says. Willow’s voice is like nothing Xander’s ever heard from her.

“Please what?”

“That feels so good. I’ve never-- Can we?”

She hasn’t earned it yet, he decides.

“When you’ve taken your punishment,” he said, trying for that stern voice again.

He goes back to spanking her, harder than before, as hard as he can, ignoring the heat in his palm. Down her thighs, up high on her ass. He wants her to feel it tomorrow, feel it when she sits, remember his hand, remember that she should be more considerate of other people’s feelings, more considerate of Xander. Hard and heavy, relentless, until Willow finally bursts into tears.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Xander, please.”

She’s kissing his hand again, over and over. Her begging sounds sincere. Xander stops.

“You’re forgiven,” he says. She kisses his hand one more time. He likes that.

His fingers explore again, as gentle now as he was harsh before, finding the places he’d only ever read about. The place where his fingers slide inside her, where he hopes he’ll be sliding his dick soon. Then he finds the place that makes Willow moan and shiver when he circles around it. That’s the spot he’s been hoping to find. Now he’s going to make Willow come. He whispers it to her.

Willow grips his free hand in hers. She’s moaning in earnest now, making the most amazing sounds, and then she’s holding herself still and she’s shuddering. Saying his name. His name. She’s coming and it’s so much better than he thought it would be.

Xander lifts her off his knees and lays her down properly on the bed. He lies next to her, still wearing all his clothes, pressed tight against her naked body. He nudges his thigh between her legs. Willow moves against him and digs her hands into his shirt. He wants to fuck her now, but the time isn’t right. Xander holds Willow and kisses her wet face and tells her he loves her. Because he does.

First Time

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