18 stories.

Sexually Giving pilfrey/clara mature
Clara meets Pilfrey. Don't weep for him any more.
835 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/06/27
Giles, Buffy, and Xander drink to fallen friends in a remote motel room.
4995 words; reading time 17 min. 2008/06/01
Concealed Weapons giles/buffy mature
Giles is cleaning his pistols. Buffy has some questions.
1181 words; reading time 4 min. 2008/12/04
Show-off giles/buffy mature
Giles has just shown off his PPK. He has a few other ways to show off.
2485 words; reading time 9 min. 2008/12/14
Liberation giles/buffy/ethan adult
Tonight it's strong drink and desperate sex, and tomorrow they ride away. A post-"Gift" AU.
3530 words; reading time 12 min. 2009/03/09
Amost A New Friend giles/ethan adult
Giles accepts Ethan's offer of a drink. He remembers what happened last time but can't bring himself to care anymore.
1598 words; reading time 6 min. 2009/09/14
Quirks and Remnants giles/ethan mature
New Year's Eve: champagne, sarcasm, and sex.
2548 words; reading time 9 min. 2008/05/27
Alambic Brandy giles/faith general
The Watchers and Slayers Society is about to hold its annual holiday party. Giles and Faith are half a world away.
2891 words; reading time 10 min. 2009/01/11
A Quiet Nightgiles/oz adult
Words spoken and unspoken. Giles learns.
1572 words; reading time 6 min. 2007/01/21
The Complete Setgiles/xander mature
Eggnog is dangerous. Very dangerous.
1974 words; reading time 7 min. 2006/12/24
Outmaneuveredgiles/xander general
But Xander doesn't drink!
369 words; reading time 2 min. 2011/03/27
Sparks giles/xander general
Giles and Xander attempt to figure out what happened in Willow's last moments on the cliff. Something strange, that's for sure.
4251 words; reading time 15 min. 2008/05/12
The Wight giles/xander general
The business cards say "Supernatural Investigations & Curse-breaking". They don't say anything about being rained on, soul-sucked, shot at, snowed on, or fed dangerous spicy drinks.
15128 words; reading time 51 min. 2011/05/04
Banana Daiquiris Nine/Jackie adult
The Doctor needs to impress his new companion.
2053 words; reading time 7 min. 2007/11/26
Traveling HopefullyMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm is returning to London from self-imposed exile on a remote island, but a storm has delayed the ferry. To his annoyance, somebody else is also stuck waiting for the same ferry. She had better not be a reporter.
7788 words; reading time 26 min. 2015/01/18
A Bottle of Pol Roger to the Cheek Malcolm/Jamie mature
A night of celebration, a night of fighting in an elevator, a good night. With a bottle of champagne that survives more abuse than it deserves.
1179 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/07/29
The WallPeter/Jenna mature
It's his wall this time, darn it. Peter is going to paint it and nobody's going to beat him to it.
7721 words; reading time 26 min. 2015/08/29
The Hypervodka Incident Twelve/Clara general
There’s some karaoke. And hypervodka. And consequences.
12085 words; reading time 41 min. 2016/05/01