6 stories.

The Deep and Lovely DarkTwelve/Clara teen
The Doctor is afraid to sleep and eventually it catches up with him.
3288 words; reading time 11 min. 2015/08/21
Dissembling Timelords Twelve/Clara general
Sick Timelords are a PITA
818 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27
Icebergs Twelve/Clara general
Missy captured the Doctor, but he has escaped. He flees to Clara, but it's not easy.
2104 words; reading time 8 min. 2015/06/27
Rationality Twelve/Clara general
He was starting to feel rationality return. It was, he had to admit, fairly awful to be rational. No wonder he'd fled from it.
902 words; reading time 4 min. 2016/01/16
The Seventh Sense Twelve/Clara general
The Doctor wants to marry her the Gallifreyan way as well as the human way. There are consequences.
1339 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/07/27
So Let Us MeltTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor explains to Clara why he's alone, even when he's holding her. She does something about it.
3358 words; reading time 12 min. 2015/03/23