Doctor Who

Time and relative dimensions in space.

67 stories.

Sexually Giving pilfrey/clara mature
Clara meets Pilfrey. Don't weep for him any more.
835 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/06/27
Back by Teatime giles/ethan mature
Rupert and Ethan are bored, wishing for adventure, and expecting never to find one. And then a police call box appears in the most unlikely of places.
1462 words; reading time 5 min. 2007/11/26
Into the Fray giles/ethan mature
There's a vampire problem in London. In about 400 years.
644 words; reading time 3 min. 2007/11/26
Zoe dreams and wakes.
2094 words; reading time 7 min. 2010/05/16
He is not an idiot. He has a perfectly functioning mind, if not a perfectly functioning memory, and he knows the sound of an early-model TARDIS when he hears one.
773 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/12/06
Banana Daiquiris Nine/Jackie adult
The Doctor needs to impress his new companion.
2053 words; reading time 7 min. 2007/11/26
OkayMalcolm/Clara mature
Clara has some news for Malcolm. Malcolm takes it in his stride. His penuin-run stride, to be specific.
15009 words; reading time 51 min. 2017/04/07
Owned 1: OwnedMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm's bit of solo experimentation with bondage has gone horribly wrong. To his horror, coworker Clara appears to rescue him. Clara decides to demand answers to a few questions before setting him free.
3783 words; reading time 13 min. 2015/04/08
Owned 2: ComplicatedMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm's first date with Clara, and his first time doing a lot of things. He's as nervous as he ever gets, not that he's admitting it.
4331 words; reading time 15 min. 2015/08/16
Owned 3: Rope MarksMalcolm/Clara adult
Friday night is date night. Also the night when Clara introduces Malcolm to new things.
6017 words; reading time 21 min. 2015/06/06
Owned 4: A Day at the OfficeMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm should have known better than to tell Clara about his fantasies, because she's exactly the kind of woman who takes them as a challenge. Now he has to get through a day in Whitehall.
3854 words; reading time 13 min. 2015/05/16
Owned 5: Two Lit FusesMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm's been waiting for this night all week. It doesn't go as planned.
4595 words; reading time 16 min. 2015/04/19
Owned 6: TokensMalcolm/Clara mature
The morning after: Clara persuades Malcolm to take a holiday. He isn't sure how to do those.
4357 words; reading time 15 min. 2015/05/09
Owned 7: NeverMalcolm/Clara adult
Holiday mornings, with coffee and croissants and a man wearing her tag.
2533 words; reading time 9 min. 2015/07/12
Owned 9: Brutal MagicMalcolm/Clara adult
The second time Clara spanked him, it was at Malcolm's request.
2251 words; reading time 8 min. 2016/05/14
Owned 8: StorytellingMalcolm/Clara adult
Clara sets some boundaries; Malcolm is forced to do some thinking.
4253 words; reading time 15 min. 2015/10/30
Owned 10: Made to MeasureMalcolm/Clara mature
Clara thinks Malcolm's suits are terrible and does something about it.
2507 words; reading time 9 min. 2016/05/14
Traveling HopefullyMalcolm/Clara adult
Malcolm is returning to London from self-imposed exile on a remote island, but a storm has delayed the ferry. To his annoyance, somebody else is also stuck waiting for the same ferry. She had better not be a reporter.
7788 words; reading time 26 min. 2015/01/18
Morning Eviscerations Malcolm/Clara mature
Malcolm doesn't do things in a sensible order.
182 words; reading time 1 min. 2015/05/13
Not Half Weird Malcolm/Clara mature
Clara has to break some news to Malcolm.
794 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/05/13
Couldn't be helpedMalcolm/Clara/Twelve mature
Malcolm Tucker's second life aboard the TARDIS isn't all about smashing oppressive states. Sometimes it's about sex pollen in canisters.
1456 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/12/27
Second LifeMalcolm/Clara/Twelve mature
They're in their right minds again, and Clara wants to do it again. Malcolm wants to as well, but he wants things he's afraid to admit.
6850 words; reading time 23 min. 2016/06/24
Bigger on the inside twelve/clara general
The regeneration after Trenzalore was a wild one.
3612 words; reading time 13 min. 2016/01/17
Breathing SculpturesTwelve/Clara mature
They're back in the TARDIS, and he doesn't bring her home straight away. He won't admit he wants more than what he has.
1953 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/17
ConjunctionTwelve/Clara mature
All of time and space, out there in a blue box. Where do they go first, and what do they do? The Doctor shows Clara a wonder.
4917 words; reading time 17 min. 2015/02/14
Hiding in a storage closet again? Clara knows how to pass the time.
1005 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/04/04
Decoherence Twelve/Clara general
"You were the one I wanted most to stay. But time could not be kept at bay. The more it goes, the more it's gone - the more it takes away." - Poem by Lang Leav, prompt for Twelve about Clara*
718 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/02/07
The Deep and Lovely DarkTwelve/Clara teen
The Doctor is afraid to sleep and eventually it catches up with him.
3288 words; reading time 11 min. 2015/08/21
Dissembling Timelords Twelve/Clara general
Sick Timelords are a PITA
818 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27
Distraction: successfulTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor has to agree that this particular ploy at keeping him focused on his body is working.
1312 words; reading time 5 min. 2016/01/18
Feeling a Bit Rough Twelve/Clara general
Sometimes things get to Clara.
1145 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/03/07
The First Time Twelve/Clara mature
The Doctor is ready to try it at last.
666 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/12/25
Five Lies gen general
Mummy on the Orient Express missing scene: Clara & the Doctor decide to go for one last hurrah.
585 words; reading time 2 min. 2015/02/07
Green Blaze twelve/clara general
The town is called Mistletoe. Clara objects, because those are tumbleweeds, not mistletoe, and she can tell the difference.
9367 words; reading time 32 min. 2015/12/25
Hay and ElephantsTwelve/Clara general
The Doctor and an injured Clara seek shelter from a winter storm. Huddling for warmth ensues.
1736 words; reading time 6 min. 2015/09/01
The Hypervodka Incident Twelve/Clara general
There’s some karaoke. And hypervodka. And consequences.
12085 words; reading time 41 min. 2016/05/01
Icebergs Twelve/Clara general
Missy captured the Doctor, but he has escaped. He flees to Clara, but it's not easy.
2104 words; reading time 8 min. 2015/06/27
1. The IdiotTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor looks deep into Clara's eyes... and to his horror realizes that the bonding has been triggered. He must either mate with Clara or die. He chooses death.
5094 words; reading time 17 min. 2015/09/12
2. It BeginsTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor thinks he knows when it happens.
737 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/11/08
3. Free WillTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor doesn't entirely enjoy his condition.
868 words; reading time 3 min. 2016/03/20
Jammie Dodgers gen general
The Doctor has transformed himself into a teenaged boy to infiltrate a school. It doesn't wear off immediately. HIJINX ENSUE.
768 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27
Limits Twelve/Clara mature
Clara and the Doctor in a play session, take two.
1818 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/02/08
LipstickTwelve/Clara general
Clara looks for her lipstick. The Doctor meddles.
329 words; reading time 2 min. 2014/11/18
Protective ColorationTwelve/Clara general
Hiding in plain sight, on the night of the winter solstice.
999 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/02/07
A puzzle piece Twelve/Clara general
The girl in the leather jacket isn't as pudding-brained as everybody else.
309 words; reading time 2 min. 2015/12/25
Rationality Twelve/Clara general
He was starting to feel rationality return. It was, he had to admit, fairly awful to be rational. No wonder he'd fled from it.
902 words; reading time 4 min. 2016/01/16
Repairstwelve/clara mature
The Doctor rescues Clara in the nick of time, but that's not the end of it.
4958 words; reading time 17 min. 2015/12/07
Rolled CuffsTwelve/Clara general
An evening on the TARDIS goes exactly the way they both like it.
1325 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/04/04
Ser Clara of Blackpool Twelve/Clara general
The Doctor needs a champion. A stranger rides in and offers her sword. She's a little short for a knight.
774 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/05/30
The Seventh Sense Twelve/Clara general
The Doctor wants to marry her the Gallifreyan way as well as the human way. There are consequences.
1339 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/07/27
Short Circuit Twelve/Clara general
They run out of the house, through the snow, and into the TARDIS. And then...
725 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27
So Let Us MeltTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor explains to Clara why he's alone, even when he's holding her. She does something about it.
3358 words; reading time 12 min. 2015/03/23
Solar FlaresTwelve/Clara general
Two sentient stellar beings, in close orbit around each other, exchanging plasma, in an epic romance that had taken millennia to consummate. One would envelope the other in a few million years, and then they would burst outward in a supernova, bringing their love to a spectacular end. Their light and their love would be ash, but not now, and not any time soon. Today, now, in the glory days of their love -- or so the Doctor described it -- their names swirled across their surfaces as sunspots, dots and whorls in the plasma. The written language of stars.
5990 words; reading time 20 min. 2016/12/03
Stars on his fingers Twelve/Clara general
Clara wants a pajama party. The Doctor is sure he knows exactly what that means.
2874 words; reading time 10 min. 2014/11/20
The Strategist Twelve/Clara general
Victorious Queen Clara's guards bring her a captive that suit her very specific tastes: gray-haired and lean. This one isn't what he appears to be, however.
1574 words; reading time 6 min. 2015/06/27
That Subtle Knot Twelve/Clara general
The Doctor tells his story, then reaches out to touch the waitress's hand. And freezes. Memory returns.
1474 words; reading time 5 min. 2016/01/16
Teacupstwelve/clara general
He was a teacup that could be dropped. He knew it because he'd been dropped before. He was a teacup that had been mended over and over.
3902 words; reading time 14 min. 2015/12/05
The ThiefTwelve/Clara mature
This is what happened in between the Doctor's visit to Gallifrey's coordinates and the meeting in the cafe.
9677 words; reading time 33 min. 2014/12/24
The Doctor was wrong about the trees and the solar flare. Very very wrong.
1487 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/04/04
Tyger Tyger: Burning Bright Twelve/Clara mature
The Doctor sees the future and makes plans.
1952 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/12
Under the Weather Twelve/Clara general
Clara is sick. What on earth is the Doctor doing with her tea kettle?
1044 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/05/30
Vintage Season Twelve/Clara general
Young Jolyon is painting at Kew when an odd couple sits near him and has an even odder conversation.
1225 words; reading time 5 min. 2015/10/10
WatchingTwelve/Clara mature
The TARDIS led her there, but Clara's the one who chose to stay. And watch.
1112 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/04/04
The Wedding Tree Twelve/Clara mature
For once an encounter with an advanced civilization was not going to end in war, catastrophe, disaster, or even a pell-mell run toward something or away from something. It was just a lovely thank-you ceremony for the two of them, that's all, followed by a lovely night high up in a tree house. With one bed. Wait.
5577 words; reading time 19 min. 2014/11/06
A Wild RideTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor and Clara are out for a night of clubbing. He's in for a wild ride on the dom!Clara party bus.
1750 words; reading time 6 min. 2016/05/16
Joining and Other Puzzling HabitsTwelve/Clara/Danny general
The Doctor will do whatever makes Clara happy, even when it puzzles him. So will Danny.
2695 words; reading time 9 min. 2015/07/27
The Magician and the PaintingTwelve/Rose general
Rose Tyler likes to visit an odd painting in the National Gallery, because its title mentions Gallifrey. One day she meets a stranger there.
1895 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/04