6 stories.

Fenrisulfrethan/dawn mature
Dawn escapes from a boring summer at the Hyperion by finding a job. The job isn't quite what it appears. That's okay: neither is Dawn.
11565 words; reading time 39 min. 2007/08/27
Dragon's Bone gen general
A legend is found on a trip to the desert.
700 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/29
Dragon's Heart gen general
The sword dreams, and Giles dreams with it. Of what? And to what end?
8890 words; reading time 30 min. 2007/01/31
Dragon's Reverie gen general
Giles finds that wielding a legend is not a trivial matter.
5761 words; reading time 20 min. 2006/09/06
Green Blaze twelve/clara general
The town is called Mistletoe. Clara objects, because those are tumbleweeds, not mistletoe, and she can tell the difference.
9367 words; reading time 32 min. 2015/12/25
A puzzle piece Twelve/Clara general
The girl in the leather jacket isn't as pudding-brained as everybody else.
309 words; reading time 2 min. 2015/12/25