23 stories.

Interlude with Blankets: Giles buffy/giles/willow/xander mature
Giles, in pajamas, thinking.
636 words; reading time 3 min. 2007/08/06
Giles owns a third-wave coffee shop and bean roastery. His loyal staff thinks he should start dating again. He thinks it would be a disaster. He's right. Featuring Oz, Anya, Tara, Xander, Willow and the incomparable Ethan Rayne in supporting roles.
6381 words; reading time 22 min. 2015/07/19
Breakfast Teagiles/buffy general
The best way to wake up?
224 words; reading time 1 min. 2010/05/01
Flu giles/buffy general
Buffy gets the flu. Giles has bromides.
1264 words; reading time 5 min. 2006/09/09
Breakfast in Bed giles/buffy mature
Toast racks are abused; bathrobes are stolen; crosswords are left undone.
3649 words; reading time 13 min. 2010/04/11
Memorable giles/buffy general
Giles has an engagement ring in his pocket, but he's stuck in interminable meetings. His scheme to wriggle out of them might have just backfired on him. Oh dear.
5810 words; reading time 20 min. 2011/09/29
Planning Ahead giles/buffy general
What was that vampire doing with a knife? That wasn't fair.
576 words; reading time 2 min. 2006/11/08
Fussed Overgen general
Giles has broken his wrist. The left one. The assault on his dignity commences.
1146 words; reading time 4 min. 2011/09/25
Apples, Oranges, and Pearsgiles/xander adult
What happened when Xander got thrown out of his house just minutes after he turned eighteen.
14772 words; reading time 50 min. 2006/12/01
OkayMalcolm/Clara mature
Clara has some news for Malcolm. Malcolm takes it in his stride. His penuin-run stride, to be specific.
15009 words; reading time 51 min. 2017/04/07
The Long Haul Peter/Jenna general
Long overnight plane flights give Jenna plenty of time to think. Or brood.
1140 words; reading time 4 min. 2016/06/07
Pressure Points Peter/Jenna general
Another one of those long days, and other one of those exhausted nights. Nothing more than cuddles.
1238 words; reading time 5 min. 2016/12/19
Tenerife Peter/Jenna general
A long day on location.
381 words; reading time 2 min. 2016/05/03
A Clear Headrandall/lix mature
Things are much clearer now that he's sober.
8537 words; reading time 29 min. 2017/05/28
Green Blaze twelve/clara general
The town is called Mistletoe. Clara objects, because those are tumbleweeds, not mistletoe, and she can tell the difference.
9367 words; reading time 32 min. 2015/12/25
1. The IdiotTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor looks deep into Clara's eyes... and to his horror realizes that the bonding has been triggered. He must either mate with Clara or die. He chooses death.
5094 words; reading time 17 min. 2015/09/12
2. It BeginsTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor thinks he knows when it happens.
737 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/11/08
3. Free WillTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor doesn't entirely enjoy his condition.
868 words; reading time 3 min. 2016/03/20
LipstickTwelve/Clara general
Clara looks for her lipstick. The Doctor meddles.
329 words; reading time 2 min. 2014/11/18
Protective ColorationTwelve/Clara general
Hiding in plain sight, on the night of the winter solstice.
999 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/02/07
Stars on his fingers Twelve/Clara general
Clara wants a pajama party. The Doctor is sure he knows exactly what that means.
2874 words; reading time 10 min. 2014/11/20
Under the Weather Twelve/Clara general
Clara is sick. What on earth is the Doctor doing with her tea kettle?
1044 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/05/30
WatchingTwelve/Clara mature
The TARDIS led her there, but Clara's the one who chose to stay. And watch.
1112 words; reading time 4 min. 2015/04/04