7 stories.

Paragon buffy/jonathan general
Only true love's kiss will wake her. But who's her true love?
1036 words; reading time 4 min. 2007/02/06
Sexually Giving pilfrey/clara mature
Clara meets Pilfrey. Don't weep for him any more.
835 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/06/27
A Tragedy In Six Holidays giles/jenny general
Ethan contemplates the ruin of the disreputable Ripper.
684 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/28
Apples, Oranges, and Pearsgiles/xander adult
What happened when Xander got thrown out of his house just minutes after he turned eighteen.
14772 words; reading time 50 min. 2006/12/01
Outmodedgiles/xander general
Giles and Xander on patrol
343 words; reading time 2 min. 2006/08/28
Banana Daiquiris Nine/Jackie adult
The Doctor needs to impress his new companion.
2053 words; reading time 7 min. 2007/11/26
Jammie Dodgers gen general
The Doctor has transformed himself into a teenaged boy to infiltrate a school. It doesn't wear off immediately. HIJINX ENSUE.
768 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27