6 stories.

Broken Vessel gen mature
Giles has just enough money left for a train ticket home.
4150 words; reading time 14 min. 2009/07/27
The Co-Conspirators gen general
Rupert is taken shopping in London by his grandmother.
1800 words; reading time 6 min. 2008/02/24
Giles sings the Buzzcocks.
1002 words; reading time 4 min. 2006/05/14
Nashvillegen general
Giles in Nashville.
694 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/18
Hazy Solos giles/oz/xander adult
Somebody's been set up. Who? Only Xander knows for sure.
2838 words; reading time 10 min. 2007/05/06
Solar FlaresTwelve/Clara general
Two sentient stellar beings, in close orbit around each other, exchanging plasma, in an epic romance that had taken millennia to consummate. One would envelope the other in a few million years, and then they would burst outward in a supernova, bringing their love to a spectacular end. Their light and their love would be ash, but not now, and not any time soon. Today, now, in the glory days of their love -- or so the Doctor described it -- their names swirled across their surfaces as sunspots, dots and whorls in the plasma. The written language of stars.
5990 words; reading time 20 min. 2016/12/03