6 stories.

Initiationgiles/buffy adult
When a Council representative makes assumptions about his relationship with his Slayer, Giles must come clean to Buffy about the true natures of Watchers and of Slayers.
27324 words; reading time 92 min. 2007/01/08
An Antique Romangiles/ethan general
Ethan has his own opinion about what constitutes amends, as owed by a vampire to his victim. Or by a chaos mage to his oldest friend.
10739 words; reading time 36 min. 2007/10/07
Substitutegen mature
Xander and Willow help Giles recover from Angelus.
5060 words; reading time 17 min. 2006/06/11
Icebergs Twelve/Clara general
Missy captured the Doctor, but he has escaped. He flees to Clara, but it's not easy.
2104 words; reading time 8 min. 2015/06/27
Rationality Twelve/Clara general
He was starting to feel rationality return. It was, he had to admit, fairly awful to be rational. No wonder he'd fled from it.
902 words; reading time 4 min. 2016/01/16
Repairstwelve/clara mature
The Doctor rescues Clara in the nick of time, but that's not the end of it.
4958 words; reading time 17 min. 2015/12/07