5 stories.

Breathing SculpturesTwelve/Clara mature
They're back in the TARDIS, and he doesn't bring her home straight away. He won't admit he wants more than what he has.
1953 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/17
Decoherence Twelve/Clara general
"You were the one I wanted most to stay. But time could not be kept at bay. The more it goes, the more it's gone - the more it takes away." - Poem by Lang Leav, prompt for Twelve about Clara*
718 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/02/07
So Let Us MeltTwelve/Clara mature
The Doctor explains to Clara why he's alone, even when he's holding her. She does something about it.
3358 words; reading time 12 min. 2015/03/23
Tyger Tyger: Burning Bright Twelve/Clara mature
The Doctor sees the future and makes plans.
1952 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/12
The Magician and the PaintingTwelve/Rose general
Rose Tyler likes to visit an odd painting in the National Gallery, because its title mentions Gallifrey. One day she meets a stranger there.
1895 words; reading time 7 min. 2015/10/04