28 stories.

Into the Fray giles/ethan mature
There's a vampire problem in London. In about 400 years.
644 words; reading time 3 min. 2007/11/26
Dragon's Bone gen general
A legend is found on a trip to the desert.
700 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/29
Dragon's Heart gen general
The sword dreams, and Giles dreams with it. Of what? And to what end?
8890 words; reading time 30 min. 2007/01/31
Dragon's Reverie gen general
Giles finds that wielding a legend is not a trivial matter.
5761 words; reading time 20 min. 2006/09/06
Blessedgen general
Malcolm has a secret: he's not entirely human. Everybody else seems to think it's a blessing, but he knows he's cursed. And he knows he deserves to be cursed. Banner image by Britt Sabo.
31457 words; reading time 105 min. 2017/04/25
Substitutegen mature
Xander and Willow help Giles recover from Angelus.
5060 words; reading time 17 min. 2006/06/11
Broken Vessel gen mature
Giles has just enough money left for a train ticket home.
4150 words; reading time 14 min. 2009/07/27
Brown Bottles gen general
Giles has a lot of pills to take.
1035 words; reading time 4 min. 2006/08/19
The Co-Conspirators gen general
Rupert is taken shopping in London by his grandmother.
1800 words; reading time 6 min. 2008/02/24
An accident with a magical artifact sends Giles into the past. Can the specialist in hopeless cases help him before the artifact is lost and he is forever stranded?
19583 words; reading time 66 min. 2006/08/17
Baritsu gen general
Buffy demands an explanation.
1004 words; reading time 4 min. 2008/03/11
Zoe dreams and wakes.
2094 words; reading time 7 min. 2010/05/16
The morning after firing a gun in a tiny room.
2096 words; reading time 7 min. 2009/07/19
Flannel Sheetsgen general
Giles's flat in Bath has a guest room.
463 words; reading time 2 min. 2008/02/27
Fussed Overgen general
Giles has broken his wrist. The left one. The assault on his dignity commences.
1146 words; reading time 4 min. 2011/09/25
Giles sings the Buzzcocks.
1002 words; reading time 4 min. 2006/05/14
Legacies gen general
Uncle Charles's last will and testament, the rackety old bastard.
1783 words; reading time 6 min. 2009/07/27
Likely Stories gen general
A Scooby signs up for NaNoWriMo.
670 words; reading time 3 min. 2008/12/04
Nashvillegen general
Giles in Nashville.
694 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/18
A Short Restgen general
Xander's convinced it's Hellmouthy, but probably it's just the flu.
4748 words; reading time 16 min. 2008/10/09
Smoke gen mature
Ripper's thinking clearly for the first time in years.
724 words; reading time 3 min. 2006/08/20
Giles wonders if he's achieved escape velocity. Probably not.
4246 words; reading time 15 min. 2007/08/27
He is not an idiot. He has a perfectly functioning mind, if not a perfectly functioning memory, and he knows the sound of an early-model TARDIS when he hears one.
773 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/12/06
The First Slayer gen general
The origin of the Watchers, according to the Watchers of the 20th century.
1284 words; reading time 5 min. 2007/06/21
Giles introduces Wesley to Sunnydale High library policy.
1522 words; reading time 6 min. 2010/03/21
Xander takes steps to make sure he remembers what he needs to.
1811 words; reading time 7 min. 2008/04/12
Five Lies gen general
Mummy on the Orient Express missing scene: Clara & the Doctor decide to go for one last hurrah.
585 words; reading time 2 min. 2015/02/07
Jammie Dodgers gen general
The Doctor has transformed himself into a teenaged boy to infiltrate a school. It doesn't wear off immediately. HIJINX ENSUE.
768 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/07/27