5 stories.

Blessedgen general
Malcolm has a secret: he's not entirely human. Everybody else seems to think it's a blessing, but he knows he's cursed. And he knows he deserves to be cursed. Banner image by Britt Sabo.
31457 words; reading time 105 min. 2017/04/25
Professor G's Uncanny Scoobies #1 giles/xander general
Xander's carelessness with magic artifacts might have got him into more trouble than he can reasonably escape, even with Giles's help.
11852 words; reading time 40 min. 2010/07/18
Not Half Weird Malcolm/Clara mature
Clara has to break some news to Malcolm.
794 words; reading time 3 min. 2015/05/13
Straight Lines randall/lix general
Randall manages his condition as best he knows how.
309 words; reading time 2 min. 2015/07/27
Bigger on the inside twelve/clara general
The regeneration after Trenzalore was a wild one.
3612 words; reading time 13 min. 2016/01/17