A puzzle piece

The girl in the leather jacket isn't as pudding-brained as everybody else.


The brown-eyed girl in the ridiculous black leather jacket was more competent than she had any right to be. She knew her way around a Judoon flitter and she knew why the Judoon were a royal pain in his bony arse and she was the only pudding-brain in the entire throne room who’d had the sense to act when he’d started barking out orders. Not that she’d done what he asked, but what she’d done was blindingly useful and dammit if he was lonely and tired of traveling alone. Not when there were people like her in the universe.

That smile did something to him. Slotted home inside his chest like a puzzle piece fitting in. Which made no sense. He had no holes in his chest that needed filling. He was a whole man, a happy man, even, and how often had he been able to say that about himself?

But that smile. Her smile. Her big dark brown eyes, eyes that inflated when she saw the injured boy in the corridor, tears wetting her lashes, and how could he resist that? Not when he felt the same way about the boy, that same urge to destroy whatever force had chosen to hurt him, while shielding those young eyes from the sight of his vengeance. Which he did, wrapping his arms around the boy and distracting him while that brown-eyed girl in the flapping purple-lined coat did what he had been about to do to the planet-smasher, redirecting it.

She held the boy’s right hand and he held his left, and he smiled across that jet-black head of hair to her and said, “Hi. I’m the Doctor. Would you care to join me in a bit of an expedition onto that Judoon supercarrier?”

And she smiled back at him. “Hi. I’m Oswin. And I thought you’d never ask.”

A puzzle piece

Twelve/Clara general

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